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Spl-Lab news
New version 2.5.4 of Measuring Center for Windows released.Term-Lab Magnum calibrations and Next-Lab device support added!
We are glad to introduce you the latest user's manual of the Measuring Center for Windows in German and English! Also we have wrote the manual for the Android version of the Measuring Center it is also available in German and English.
Now user's interface of the Measuring Center for Windows translated in to several languages including German, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian!
We are glad to announce about beginning of selling new interesting device from our laboratory Smart Voltmeter
New version 2.4 of Measuring Center for Windows released. Now we fully support TERM-LAB measurement system. Also improved RTA mode.
New version 2.3.4 of Measuring Center for Windows released. Many powerful functions added for SPL, RTA and Event Mode Module.
We are glad to inform our clients that now Spl-Lab able to sell through PayPal - just press "BYU NOW" in the product you need!
EMMA-Russia have chosen Spl-Lab measuring complexes as official measuring devices for holding competitions in 2013.
New article about Spl-Lab Smart Monitor posted.

The USB Noise Meter and USB SQL Meter gave place to new device of Spl-Lab USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition): USB microphone with a high rate of maximum sound pressure for measuring AFC and with feature of noise meter (noise level).
Our colleagues from testing laboratory Car&Music of the “Tuning Avtomobiley” magazine have tested measuring complex Spl-Lab RTA Meter Pro Edition (USB microphone) for compliance with specifications stated, using the reference hardware-software complex AUDIOMATICA CLIO. Preliminary returns can be found here.
The overview video tutorials for Spl-Lab Measuring Center were published. Are highly recommended for watching and familiarization.
Organizations EMMA-Ukraine and EMMA-Italy have chosen Spl-Lab measuring complexes as official measuring devices for holding competitions in 2013.
The updated version 2.0 of microcode for LCD Bass Meter device was released. The speed of work was increased, signal distortion detection (clipping) was added. The microcode update is FREE for all devices of 2013 production year.
After the long work the Spl-Lab offers to your attention a new version of software Measuring Center 2.3.. It uses new algorithms, has a League constructor and provides unsurpassed accuracy of measurements.
The magazine “Avtomir” has published an article that deals with setting sound in a car using Spl-Lab USB RTA Meter device.
Spl-Lab Company started selling the revolutionary multifunctional device that has no analogues in the world - the Smart Monitor car multimeter.
We have changed our Company style and site!
We glad to inform you! Biggest Russian competition league — AMT Eurasia choose USB BASS METER (PRO Edition) as the only official measuring system for competitions.
New article about USB RTA METER (Pro Edition) posted.
We are glad to announce about beginning of selling new revolutionary wireless device from our laboratory WIRELESS BASS METER
At last the SPL-LAB can offer to ins customers really budget oriented variant of the device - new USB NOISE METER .
By popular demand of people using devices produced by SPL-LAB we have developed and started selling specialized cases for carrying around and keeping the SPL-LAB devices
There is a new, cardinally revised version of SPL-LAB Measuring Center 2 software available for download. It is highly recommended for installation.
After the prolonged development we are glad to introduce you brand-new microphonic hardware-software system USB RTA Meter Pro Edition.
The stable version of SPL-LAB Measuring center 1.0 has been released. Recommended installation.
26.08.2010 We are glad to announce that new version of SPL-LAB Measuring center released - Beta 3. BASSRACE measuring mode added, RTA mode improved and support for Windows Vista and Seven included.Get here.
We are informing that we got some fresh videos from our US partners with LCD BASS METER audio system measurements. Look Here.
06.07.2010 For the first time in Russia took place in the competition format LOUDGAMES. Competitions were held simultaneously in Nizhny Tagil and Stavropol. The official measuring system was a unique instrument development in our laboratory - USB BASS METER (Loudgames PRO Edition). Photos from the scene in Stavropol
05.07.2010 The new version of SPL-LAB Measuring center and SPL-LAB Viewer has been released. Recommended installation. Also you can read LCD BASS METER user's manual.
18.03.2010 The new version of SPL-LAB Measuring center Beta 2 has been released. The algorithm of measuring has been changed, operation stability improved. Recommended installation.
27.01.2010 The things have started moving! We are glad to introduce to you the long-awaited measuring software from our Lab. The program SPL-Lab Measuring Center which measures and analyses the audio frequency signals. The program is intended for operating together with all of Spl-Lab products. Using the new algorithm has made it possible to reach the measurements accuracy up to 0.1dB, which is more exact then the TERM-LAB has! The program can be downloaded for free.

01.11.2009 The new Calibrations for USB BASS METER are worked out. It is obligatory to download and install!
CMT ("Magnitola - Team" competition) was held. At the Car Audio Competition "MAGNITOLA-TEAM" the official devices of the competition became the USB BASS METER(PRO edition) and USB Bass Meter v1.2.
04.08.2009 In case of appearing on some computers of noise below 20 Hz it is recommended to install additional "SpectraLab controls for noise below 20 Hz suppression".
20.03.2009 Competition with no limitations - the new Professional edition of USB BASS METER(PRO edition). Now the Sound Pressure level can be measured in two cars at the same time! Using the external power unit helps to get rid of the low frequency noises.
23.10.2008 The new section of the site "Payment and delivery conditions" where you can find information on the purchasing the products of our Lab.
05.08.2008 The range of products supplied by the SPL-Lab is getting wider: USB RTA Meter a new device for measuring the amplitude-frequency response of the inside of a car or the home audio-system.
The new version of USB Bass Meter v1.2 came into sale. The main innovations: 1) Finally the suction caps are fastened by screws 2) The device is now completed with the USB-cable and CD with software and audio tracks for tuning.
23.03.2008 The things have started moving. The first review on the Car Audio equipment was published. The amplifier DigitalDesigns M3. All authors are welcome to send in the articles and reviews and we will gladly publish them. Let's enrich the informational base together!
01.10.2007 The new version of USB Bass Meter v1.1 came into sale. The main innovations: 1) The circuit technology and hardware components were improved, special series of microcircuits and condenser of the increased reliability have been used. 2) Power supply filtering system was changed. It enabled the higher measurement accuracy and the signal waveform displaying 3) The exterior view of the device was improved 4) More compact and strong fixation were used
So, the project SPL-Laboratory was started. The web-site is still unfinished, but we will fill it up, make it more comfortable and nice-looking.
09.04.2007 The Long awaited sales of the USB Bass Meter (working title "Datcheg-2") had started. More information in the section Products.