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Plastic case

Devices are always protected
    • Cross functionality
    • Compact size
    • Moulded handle
    • Soft insert of the case
    • Secure fastener
Plastic cases for SPL-LAB devices


Price: $40-60 with purchase of meter


Any complex technical equipment requires diligence, not to mention the high accuracy measuring devices. As the practice shows many devices with the lapse of time get mechanical damage, get blocked with dust and filth, lose nice the exterior view or gets dekitted. To avoid all this, along with careful handling, the equipment needs also delicate keeping. We have worked out a budget choice case for your equipment. Soft polyurethane insert of the case with laser notches is suitable for any type of Spl-Lab devices. The case closes securely and at the same time it is compact. In a word, Spl-Lab recommends it!

  • Maintaining the completeness of the set
  • Protection from dust and filth
  • Protection from mechanical damage
  • Preservation of the exterior view
Plastic case